Mysticism is a Riot

For today’s contemplative, looking only to the Desert Mothers and Fathers for examples of contemplation and mysticism is to dismiss half of what these things are. We must not fail to also look to yesterday and today’s Black and Brown contemplatives who have “turned the ‘inward journey’ into a communal experience.”

Dear White People (including myself): “How much TIME do you want for your ‘Progress’?” James Baldwin

Note: This is about recent news about what has been done to black and brown bodies in America, if you feel you cannot read more about that, I understand. This is written to white people. If you don’t identify as white, you are still welcome to read, but please know this is not in anyContinue reading “Dear White People (including myself): “How much TIME do you want for your ‘Progress’?” James Baldwin”


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I’m Cassidy Hall. I’m an author, filmmaker, podcaster, student, and trained counselor. Currently, I work as a Teaching Assistant at Christian Theological Seminary where I’m studying for my MDiv and MTS degrees. I also serve as Student Pastor of First Congregational United Church of Christ where I’ve begun the ordination process. Since 2017, I’ve has served as the secretary of the International Thomas Merton Society, and more recently have been added to the board of enfleshed.

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