Our Lady Of The Mississippi Abbey • Dubuque, IA

Because of wanting to spend some time at home while I was near, I chose to not stay at Our Lady of the Mississippi (OLM) very long. However, I did get to attend Sext (midday prayer) and briefly speak with a sister to let her know I would love to return again soon for aContinue reading “Our Lady Of The Mississippi Abbey • Dubuque, IA”

New Melleray Abbey • Peosta, IA

Because New Melleray Abbey is the 2nd oldest Trappist Monastery (1849), stepping upon the grounds has a sense of sacredness that immediately induces reverence for the people and the place. The interior of the church is pleasingly textured in stone, which, while aesthetically pleasing, it also awakens various senses to texture, sound, aroma, etc. UponContinue reading “New Melleray Abbey • Peosta, IA”