Published Articles, Essays, and Books:

November, 2022 | Book | A Prisoner and You Visited Me: Homilies and Reflections for Cycle A from Clear Faith Publishing | Reflection: Nevertheless, God Persisted, by Cassidy Hall

December, 2021 | Book | HELD: Blessings for the Depths | The Reminder Blessing, By Cassidy Hall

December, 2021 | Book | Thirsty, and You Gave Me Drink; Homilies and Reflections for Cycle C from Clear Faith Publishing | Reflection: The Doubt of Jesus, by Cassidy Hall 

December, 2021 | Article | The Christian Century | Maybe it’s time for me to let go of Thomas Merton, by Cassidy Hall

December, 2020 | Article | enfleshed | One Leaf: Moments for Common Nourishment, by Cassidy Hall

2020 | Article | The Thomas Merton Annual 2019 | Review of Jim Finley’s 40th anniversary edition of Merton’s Palace of Nowhere, by Cassidy Hall 

Spring, 2018 | Article | The Thomas Merton Seasonal, Volume 43 | Review of Fr. Daniel P. Horan’s lectures on Thomas Merton for Our Time, by Cassidy Hall. Full Text Here.

05.09.2018 | Article | NCR (National Catholic Reporter)| Toronto conference explores Christian tradition of peacemaking, by Cassidy Hall

04.18.2018 | Book | Notes on Silence, by Cassidy Hall and Patrick Shen



Queer: A Word of Invitation and Expansive Possibility with Cassidy Hall – Part 1 | Desert Voices Podcast, December 2022

Erotic: What is it and how does it promote well-being with Cassidy Hall – Part 2  | Desert Voices Podcast, December 2022

MDiv/MTS Featured Student at Christian Theological Seminary  | MDiv/MTS Student Cassidy Hall Debuts New Podcast and Film

Confronting White Complicity in Racial Injustice | A panel presentation with Christian Theological Seminary | WATCH ON YOUTUBE

Methods Podcast interviews Cassidy Hall: A Conversation about Silence and Thomas Merton with host Jory Pryor. 

Spark My Muse interviews Cassidy Hall: interview with Lisa Colon Delay Eps 154: Cassidy Hall; Tending the Fire Within

Read, Pray, Write interviews Cassidy Hall: interview with Jean Kelly: Finding the True Self: Praying with Thomas Merton

The Canuck Catholic interviews Cassidy Hall: An interview with Celeste on The Canuck Catholic about Thomas Merton and the forthcoming film

Carl McColman Written Interview with Cassidy Hall Day of a Stranger: Forthcoming Movie Reveals a Hidden Side of Thomas Merton



01.16.2022 | Tending the Inner Sanctuary/What’s My Role? | First Congregational UCC, Indianapolis, IN

12.11.2021 | A Blue Christmas Message | First Congregational UCC, Indianapolis, IN

03.11.2021 | Loving The Questions | First Congregational UCC, Indianapolis, IN

11.08.2020 | To See Beyond | John 11:1-43, First Congregational UCC, Indianapolis, IN

11.15.2020 | The Holiness of Rest | Mark 6:30-32; Luke 6:12-13; Luke 5:15–16, First Congregational UCC, Indianapolis, IN

10.11.2020 | Yes Means Yes | First Congregational UCC, Indianapolis, IN


Patheos Articles:

01.07.2021 | Faith is a Tension

11.17.2017 | When Letting Go is Holding On

07.28.2017 | Creating from the Wound

03.24.2017 | Faith and Doubt in the Labyrinth 

02.08.2017 | A Poetic Hope

01.06.2017 | The Assurance of Winter

11.22.2016 | Redwoods, Give Me A Word

09.06.2016 | The Voice of the Heart

07.14.2016 | The Sacredness of Now

05.21.2016 | The Desert Mirage 

12.23.2015 | Resting In Silence

12.17.2015 | The Modern Day Desert

12.15.2015 | The Company of Hope

12.09.2015 | An Invitation Into Wonder


Huffington Post Articles:

05.09.2016The Great Anesthetic of Modern Day Life

01.27.2016 | When Doing Nothing is Doing Everything

11.09.2015 | The Blank Canvas

06.04.2015 |Creative Intention 

01.29.2015 | Slowing Down to Listen

10.23.2014 | Silence is Speaking… Will We Listen?

10.09.2014 | To Be Okay with the Blank Page

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