Finding Words Among Poets and Prophets

I just completed my first preaching course during my second year of seminary at CTS where I was surrounded by poets and prophets every single day. From the speakers amid breaks and smiling faces greeting me at the door, to the deepest dedication to growth I’ve ever encountered at a conference… I am truly foreverContinue reading “Finding Words Among Poets and Prophets”

New film teaser, DAY OF A STRANGER

Many of you know I’ve been working on my directorial debut film, Day of a Stranger: the first film about Thomas Merton’s final years in his own words. For this short film, Patrick Shen and I recently took a winter trip to the hermitage and The Thomas Merton Center for filming, and from that have piecedContinue reading “New film teaser, DAY OF A STRANGER”

Read, Pray, Write interviews Cassidy Hall

I had the honor of being interviewed by this new and important podcast created by my dear friend Jean Kelly: Read Pray Write, “Episodes that bring together music, an inspiring text, time for meditation, brief interviews with faith-filled creatives who share how sacred reading can provide soul food for us all” I was overjoyed to discuss andContinue reading “Read, Pray, Write interviews Cassidy Hall”

A New Year Offering

In Parker J. Palmer’s On The Brink of Everything, he writes, “I no longer ask what do I want to let go of and what do I want to hang on to… Instead I ask what do I want to let go of and what do I want to give myself to.” For me (like most ofContinue reading “A New Year Offering”

Carl McColman Interviews Cassidy Hall

How did you get inspired to create a film about Thomas Merton and his hermitage?

New film project: DAY OF A STRANGER

Many of you know I’ve been working on my directorial debut: DAY OF A STRANGER. This short film is about the world-renowned Trappist monk, Thomas Merton. Best known for his autobiography, The Seven Storey Mountain, Merton is said to be one of the most influential religious writers of the twentieth century. From 1965 until hisContinue reading “New film project: DAY OF A STRANGER”

Loving to Love

Today I set out walking to walk. Visiting a new city fills me with childlike wonder and awe—each nook a new treasure to behold, every turn an adventure. I’m in Toronto, Canada just two days after a terrible tragedy that took the lives of ten fellow humans. And while wandering in the wet morning, theContinue reading “Loving to Love”