Silence Is Speaking… Will We Listen?

Originally posted on my HuffPost Blog: As much as society tells me noise is more golden than silence; silence still whispers mystery to my mind and heart. I’m continually engulfed in modern day life with beeps, vibrations, commercials, news feeds — a variety of attacks on all my senses. Yet, silence’s mystifying self still delicatelyContinue reading “Silence Is Speaking… Will We Listen?”

To Be OK with the Blank Page

Originally posted on my HuffPost Blog “You can’t anticipate a garden. Stuff won’t grow until it’s time to grow and when the season’s finished, it’s all over.” -Father Anthony, OCSO My friend Dave told me once that to be ok with loneliness, you have to be ok with the blank page. Most of us can’t stopContinue reading “To Be OK with the Blank Page”

Our Lady of Guadalupe Abbey

Guadalupe Abbey is amid the valleys of wine country in Oregon, just southwest of Portland and inland from the brilliant Oregon coastline. Appropriately so, the abbey grounds were in full bloom for Easter weekend, and the forest that rested in the background was aglow. I wasn’t sure what to expect at Our Lady of GuadalupeContinue reading “Our Lady of Guadalupe Abbey”

The Abbey of the Genesee

Genesee Abbey is in New York near Buffalo and Rochester – with the background of  some beautiful rolling hills and even more beautiful people. Piffard, NY is a very small town, which seems to have allowed the Monk’s Bread (the primary source of income for the monks) to be a popular item amongst the entireContinue reading “The Abbey of the Genesee”

Mount Saint Mary’s Abbey • Wrentham, MA

One’s usual response to Mount Saint Mary’s Abbey in Wrentham, is typically a response of senses to their incredible candy. I, however, was lucky enough to experience more beyond that within a greater grasp of this remarkable community and monastic way of life. My humble arrival began with a rented car slowly coming in throughContinue reading “Mount Saint Mary’s Abbey • Wrentham, MA”

Saint Joseph’s Abbey • Spencer, MA

St. Joseph’s Abbey is a staggering fortress in the midst of Massachusetts; built with incredible stone and surrounded by the acres of nature that a ‘typical’ monastic so longingly takes pleasure in (point being each one of us is different and there is no ‘typical’ monastic). I arrived for a brief day trip to St.Continue reading “Saint Joseph’s Abbey • Spencer, MA”

Redwoods Monastery • Whitethorn, CA

The Redwoods Abbey was founded in 1962, when the founding sisters arrived during the winter, to see if they could withstand the trials of weather. Now over 50 years later it turns out they could withstand the winter. Through my interactions with these sisters, in words and experiences, the common theme of non-judgment arose; itContinue reading “Redwoods Monastery • Whitethorn, CA”

Santa Rita Abbey • Sonoita, AZ

Amongst the patchwork of desert and grasses, sunlight and shade, lies a small Monastery of 10 nuns just 20 miles north of the border of Mexico, just south of Tucson, AZ. This delightful location not only produces a perfect setting for solitude, but nearly demands it of one if they were to spend any amountContinue reading “Santa Rita Abbey • Sonoita, AZ”

New Clairvaux Abbey • Vina, CA

Hearing the train go by throughout the day and night was such a sound of comfort that I welcomed while staying at New Clairvaux. Established in 1955 by monks of the Abbey of Gethesamani who were expanding, this monastery is located on the grounds of  one of the largest wineries and vineyards in the world.Continue reading “New Clairvaux Abbey • Vina, CA”

Abbey of Our Lady of the Holy Trinity • Huntsville, UT

Coming to the Abbey of Our Lady of the Holy Trinity felt like discovering and participating in an unknown treasure of the world. Similar to the monastery in Snowmass, Holy Trinity is tucked away in the midst of mountains. There were numerous times I walked outside to find the monastery and myself standing in aContinue reading “Abbey of Our Lady of the Holy Trinity • Huntsville, UT”